Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks from RotoAdvice

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers-Media Day

Check out the Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks where we’re betting on the King on his court. Showtime.

The Daily goes through the top Guards, Forwards and Centers for the evening’s slate of games. Advanced information found on RotoGrinders and basketball-reference.com.

The Daily Picks are based on prices through FanDuel — get started playing daily fantasy basketball on FanDuel today!

The Centers:

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons @ Minnesota ($8,700)

He didn’t deliver as expected against the Nuggets, but we’re willing to go back out there again in Minnesota. He has elite FP game at a second tier price.

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City ($6,700)

Bright lights, big game. Jordan opens the season in what should be a high-scoring affair and faces a not-so imposing lineup of centers with Serge Ibaka likely on Blake Griffin tonight.

Value Plays: Steven Adams, Thunder ($3,800), Enes Kanter, Jazz ($4,700), Anderson Varejao, Cavaliers ($4,800)

The Forwards:

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks ($10,400)

The forecast models have him lower than 40 FP tonight, but I’m not buying it in the opener, at home, with the big homecoming spotlight on him. Big numbers tonight unless they blow out the Knicks and he sits.

Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New York Knicks ($10,000)

Just believe this is going to be a special game and LeBron will find a way to get his new BFF a lot of attention tonight. Oh, and Amare Stoudemire is still the Knicks best front court guy, so it means they are a little thin up front and Love can take advantage.

Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City @ Los Angeles Clippers ($7,900)

Should be a fun matchup in Los Angeles tonight and Ibaka should be able to rise to the occasion and fill the box score with so much action in the lane for the Clippers.

Chandler Parsons, Dallas Mavericks vs. Utah ($6,500)

He had a rough first night against the Spurs defense, but he’s at home against a more accommodating Jazz team who played last night. Parsons should be able to provide a 30-35FP night for his mid-tier pay.

Value Plays: Paul Pierce, Wizards ($5,500), Derrick Favors, Jazz ($6,000), Jason Smith, Knicks ($4,800)

The Guards:

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Clippers ($10,000)

Big night and bigger still to come for Russ. He’ll be averaging in the 42-47FP range while Durant is out.

Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City ($9,600)

Big stage, big players. Like Westbrook, James and Love, I expect Paul to deliver his usual bevy of statistical goodness against the Thunder, who are usually good about turning the ball over – providing steal opportunities for Paul and others.

Ricky Rubio, Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Detroit ($6,800)

Will be more of a focal point now offensively and not just in distribution, but in scoring, too. Rubio should have a nice 30-35FP game against the Pistons, who are on the back leg of a back to back.

John Wall, Washington Wizards, ($8,600)

Wall has a very nice matchup with the Magic tonight and is priced just below the top tier, which is where he is producing, so there is still some value in his play, even at 8.6K.

Value Plays: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Pistons ($3,800), Alec Burks, Jazz ($5,100), Andre Roberson, Thunder ($4,600)

The Slate:

Thursday, October 30






Washington at Orlando

7:00 PM




Detroit at Minnesota

8:00 PM




New York at Cleveland

8:00 PM




Utah at Dallas

8:30 PM




Oklahoma City at LA Clippers

10:30 PM




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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks from RotoAdvice


Check out the Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks where we’ll never overthink The Brow usage again.

The Daily goes through the top Guards, Forwards and Centers for the evening’s slate of games. Advanced information found on RotoGrinders and basketball-reference.com.

The Daily Picks are based on prices through FanDuel — get started playing daily fantasy basketball on FanDuel today!

The Centers:

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons @ Denver ($8,700)

Monroe is out, Denver’s defense was not so good last year and the pace should be pretty good for Drummond to gather the stats tonight.

Also: Boogie Cousins, Kings ($9,900)

Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia ($5,800)

Take a chance with Hibbert, who looked lost late last season, and you could be getting top tier value against a lousy defensive team who plays fast.

Also: Steven Adams, Thunder ($3,800), Timofey Mozgov, Nuggets ($3,700), Dwight Howard, Rockets ($9.500)

The Forwards:

Kenneth Faried, Denver Nuggets vs. Detroit ($7,300)

Should be a lot of rebounds out there and run-out ops for Faried with Jennings, Smith, Caldwell-Pope all launching, as well as the Andre Drummond free throw retrieval party.

Derrick Favors, Utah Jazz vs. Houston ($6,000)

Good volume and opportunity for a nice price, Favors gets a Rockets team on a back-back and should be very productive for the price.

Markieff Morris, Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers ($6,100)

Did you happen to see what kind of numbers Terrence Jones was able to post against the Lakers in the season opener? 42 fantasy points that Morris may duplicate for a moderate price.

Luis Scola, Indiana Pacers vs. Philadelphia ($4,000)

Value play in a game against a woebegone Sixers team and plenty of stats, rebounds and the like to soak up for those who enter for the Pacers, of which Scola is a starter tonight.

Also, CJ Miles and Chris Copeland, Pacers ($4,400/$3,500), Serge Ibaka, Thunder ($8,000), Terrence Jones, Rockets ($5,700), Perry Jones, Thunder ($5,000)

The Guards:

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors @ Sacramento ($9,600)

We learned our lesson with The Brow last night, never go against a dynamic, young playmaker in the season opener. Got it. Thanks.

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Portland ($10,000)

Hey, here’s another one like Curry above! Locked and loaded!

Andre Robertson, Oklahoma City Thunder @ Portland ($3,500)

He has the opportunity in that he’s starting and he’s at the minimum salary for the slate tonight. Should be able to get between 22-25 fantasy points, which would make this a nice punt spot to roster some of the other higher priced plays tonight.

Goran Dragic ($8,100) and Eric Bledsoe ($7,400), Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers lacked defense last year and it looks like that trend will continue under Byron Scott as well. The risk here is that the team gets out in front and these guys leave early, but one or both of them should post some very high(~40) fantasy points tonight against the back to back visitors.

Also: Wesley Matthews, Trail Blazers ($5,800), Ty Lawson, Nuggets ($8,100), Donald Sloan, Pacers ($3,500)

The Slate:

Wednesday, October 29

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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks from RotoAdvice

Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder

Check out the Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks where the slate is small but the excitement is not.

The Daily goes through the top Guards, Forwards and Centers for the evening’s slate of games. Advanced information found on RotoGrinders and basketball-reference.com.

The Daily Picks are based on prices through FanDuel — get started playing daily fantasy basketball on FanDuel today!

The Centers:

Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers ($9,500)

Light slate, few options and playing against the Lakers, who likely won’t show much defensive backbone this season. But if you are not in the mood to pay 9.5K for 35 or so points, then maybe….

Omer Asik, New Orleans Pelicans vs. Orlando ($4,900)

…you can dabble in some discount here with Asik so you can pay others. Asik won’t score….almost allergic to the stuff, but he will be a rebounding, other stat stuffings column solid play — figure between 15-20 fantasy points for the big fellas against an offensively challenged Orlando Magic team.

The Forwards:

Trevor Ariza, Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers ($6,100)

Ariza returns to his former place of employment to face a team that also employed him at one time. Besides all of that, Ariza’s can fill up a box score in many categories and should find the Staples Center very accommodating for a reasonable price.

Boris Diaw, San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas ($4,200)

Ah, an old favorite. Diaw is inexpensive and can also fill out a box score, even if it doesn’t involve an avalanche of points scored. He’s likely to get a lot of minutes and he knows how to use them.

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas ($7,900)

Duncan is underpriced for his high 30s fantasy points per game. His minutes played should be light early in the schedule, but he should be able to do well enough to earn his salary here.

Chandler Parsons, Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio ($6,800)

Not a slam dunk pick and I wouldn’t smirk if you went with Orlando’s Tobias Harris ($6,400) instead, but Parsons doesn’t have to go against Kawhi Leonard tonight and should be able to accrue his usual statistical goodness in boards, assists, etc in the process.

The Guards:

Jrue Holiday, New Orleans Pelicans vs. Orlando ($7,400)

Holiday is an underrated fantasy point producer and has an Orlando team that has to face off against Holiday with Luke Ridnour. That’s not good. Well, it’s good for Holiday, who should produce into the mid-30s in this matchup.

Patrick Beverley, Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers ($4,900)

Winner of the “Who gets defended by Jeremy Lin?” contest, Beverley will able to produce about 20 fantasy points at a low salary level.

James Harden, Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Lakers ($9,900)

Harden is the second highest salaried player on the slate tonight due to the belief Harden should shred the Lakers tonight. While we are hedging a little bit, Harden should be able to get to his usual 40 point threshold.

Marco Belinelli, San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks ($4,200)

Kawhi Leonard is out and Belinelli gets the call and should be able to produce more than his near minimum price tag tonight.

The Slate:

Tue, Oct 28, 2014

Houston Rockets

Los Angeles Lakers

Tue, Oct 28, 2014

Orlando Magic

New Orleans Pelicans

Tue, Oct 28, 2014

Dallas Mavericks

San Antonio Spurs


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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire RotoAdvice: Week 9


After his Week 8 performance against the Colts, Martavis Bryant may have cemented himself in the passing rotation in Pittsburgh.

Week 9 is a heavy NFL bye week, with the FALCONS, BILLS, BEARS, LIONS, PACKERS, TITANS all on byes, so there are going to be a lot of people claimed on waivers this week.

As always, let’s take a look at who’s below the 50 percent owned in CBS leagues.

The Quarterbacks:

Last Week: Tannehill (now 73 percent), Griffin, Bridgewater, Bortles

Robert Griffin III, Washington (43 percent owned, last week – 36%)

Colt McCoy looked scared to death at times against the Cowboys, but he delivered some nice passes down the field as well as a blast of check downs. Still, it’s likely good enough that he will start Week 9 against the Vikings, who are seventh in pass coverage this season. Then, a bye week and then it’s likely that RGIII will return to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are the fourth worst pass coverage team in the NFL. If you can stash, then you should, this is a solid QB2 that is sitting in over half of the CBS leagues, so if there’s room, there won’t be much more time to grab him.

Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings (25 percent, last week  – 28%)

Bridgewater curbed the turnovers, but only threw one TD against the Bucs, which is disappointing. He’s averaging about 35 PA per game, including 42 last week and has Washington (2nd worst pass coverage) and Da Bears (7th worst) in his next two games, with a bye week in between. Still a good bye week play here.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars (22 percent, last week – 25%)

Bortles continues to struggle with the turnovers with two more picks last week, but is also averaging almost 40 yards per game rushing, too. Point is he’ll throw and run, so that makes him an attractive bye week play. Has Cincinnati’s surprisingly struggling defense next week, so if QBs are scarce and you need one for this bye week, consider the rookie.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders (11 percent owned)

Carr threw 54 times last week against the Browns and the Raiders are sure to be passing from behind in Seattle, at home against Denver and in San Diego the next three weeks. And though he’s attempted 116 passes the last three weeks, he’s tossed one INT with 5 TDs – It all makes for a nice bye week pickup.

The Running Backs:

Last week: Mason (now 76 percent)

If you are desperate for bye week running back help in Week 9, we feel for you.

Bobby Rainey (43%) and Charles Sims (11 percent), Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Is this a no-vote for Doug Martin? Yes, yes it is. Rainey was again more effective with his 14 touches last week and has the Browns this week, who just allowed Denard Robinson to run for 100 yards. Sims is a longer term play, but he’s a good pass catcher and should have a role moving forward, especially if the Bucs cut bait and trade Martin.

Lorenzo Taliaferro, Baltimore Ravens (16 percent)

We’ve liked Taliaferro since the preseason, but that pesky Bernard Pierce has been in the way. After Pierce was a healthy scratch and Lorenzo got the inside-the-10 yard line looks, he looks like the perfect compliment to Justin Forsett’s emergence for the Ravens.

Jonas Gray, New England Patriots (15 percent)

Our line is that spending FAAB dollars on a Patriots running back is kin to sincerely answering a Nigerian prince email. After a two-TD week for Shane Vereen in week 7, New England spent their gameplan introducing us to Gray, who did well in his best Sammy Morris meets Corey Dillon type role for the Patriots. Will it continue? Shake your Magic 8-Ball and see.

The Wide Receivers:

Last week: Baldwin (now 93 percent), Adams (33 percent), Wright (7 percent)

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers (33 percent, last week 22%)

We’ve liked Adams for quite a while in this space and he continues to emerge. With the Saints concerned about Jordy Nelson, Adams took advantage catching seven of his nine targets for 75 yards. As long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy, the WR3 will get action in Green Bay and if anything should happen to Nelson or Randall Cobb, Adams is ready for even more.

Riley Cooper (41 percent) and Jordan Matthews (40 percent), Philadelphia Eagles

Take aside the stats from Week 8, which were influenced by an outlier 62 pass attempt performance from Nick Foles, Cooper and Matthews are viable bye-week plays in Week 9 with the Texans on the loose, especially with Houston likely to focus efforts on Jeremy Maclin.

Justin Hunter, Tennessee Titans (39 percent)

Hunter is your classic big play wide receiver. Not quite Devery Henderson territory, but close. He led the Titans in targets with 10 last week with rookie Zach Mettenberger taking first string snaps, so he does have value in that role. He’s off this week, but if you are looking ahead, Hunter might be a nice add moving forward.

John Brown, Arizona Cardinals (17 percent)

The generically named Brown made a sensational Willie Mays in ’54 type catch to seal the deal for Arizona last week and trailed only Larry Fitzgerald in targets for the team. With Michael Floyd looking injured or at the very least ineffective, Brown has a role in Bruce Arians’ offense.

Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh Steelers (8 percent)

In the two weeks Bryant has been active, he has scored, including nabbing two touchdowns in the shootout at home against the Colts. Bryant is an explosive looking athlete and it has translated so far. Markus Wheaton appears to be getting the ignore button and it’s Bryant who has taken advantage the last two weeks.

Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts (3 percent)

With Reggie Wayne out with an elbow injury, we liked Donte Moncrief way better than Hakeem Nicks last week and the young receiver shined in the high-scoring affair in Pittsburgh. 12 targets, seven catches and 113 yards is proof the guy catch take advantage of Andrew Luck’s passing skills. We’re saying we don’t think Moncrief ever drifts back behind Nicks on the depth chart even when Wayne comes back and is worth a roster spot as a WR5 even when that occurs.

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Deep Drivel: NFL Week 7 Recap and Commentary


Tom Brady stars in “So You Thought I Was Dead and Washed Up 2: Patriot Payback”, movie about a guy who takes calls for his retirement personally.

(Ed. Note) This week’s Deep Drivel sees Mr. Bland in an especially salty mood. If you are a fan of any team in the NFL, you’d better buckle up, buttercup.

Broncos 35, Chargers 21: Denver keeps rolling along to their inevitable playoff collapse. It’s always the same for Peyton Manning nutswingers and apologists: “He’ll win it all THIS year!” No he won’t. If Manning performed in fantasy the way he performs in the NFL playoffs, he’d probably go undrafted in leagues. And why is Wes Welker suddenly the forgotten man in Denver? So many owners thought they’d gotten a steal late in drafts. Maybe he hit on Manning’s wife or something.

Lions 22, Falcons 21: In another silly London contest, the NFL forced their own fan base to get up at 9:30 on a Sunday morning to watch a game. The Brits sat up in the stands sipping tea, having no clue what to cheer for. Matt Stafford (325 yards, 2 TD’s) managed to pull a respectable game out of his keister with some late scoring, primarily to the playing-over-his-head mediocrity Golden Tate (7-151-1). This crappy Falcons team managed to blow a 21-point lead with a scoreless second half and some seriously boneheaded clock management at the end of the game. It may be time to show Mike Smith the door.

Seahawks 13, Panthers 9: This was a hideous field goal fest I wouldn’t wish on anyone – a fantasy nightmare. The Seahawks offense continues to look out of sorts, but those are just the breaks when you don’t feel you need to have any playmakers. Despite winning the Super Bowl, they just keep on messing with their chemistry. I thought they were a cinch for a repeat, but now I’m not so sure. Although, we sure as hell know they can beat Denver again.

Texans 30, Titans 16: Gotta love the desperate Titans throwing selfie-taking, weenie rookie QB Zach Mettenberger and his French tickler mustache out there to face J.J. Watt and Jadaveon Clowney. What could possibly go wrong? Arian Foster (20-151-2) went berserk again while the Texans defense tormented Mettenberger with mock selfies after every sack. The Titans continue a relentless pursuit to see if they can top their embarrassing play from the week before.

Bengals 27, Ravens 24: Leave it to the Jeckyll & Hyde Ravens to blow one to the reeling Bengals. And I can tell you something else: Andy Dalton sucks. At least when the Ravens threw away $100 million on Flacco he had just won the Super Bowl – the Bengals gave up that kind of cash for a noodle-armed mediocrity who crawls into a fetal position when the playoffs roll around, and he’s now starting to do it in the regular season as well. My heart goes out to poor Bengals fans.

Dolphins 27, Jaguars 13: Can you imagine sitting through this crap? Blake Bortles threw a couple of pick-sixes: game over. It appears that starting whatever defense is playing the Jags remains a great strategy. Incredibly, fleaweight Denard Robinson actually managed a second 100 yard rushing day in a row. Embarrassing.

Chiefs 34, Rams 7: Further proof that the Rams victory over Seattle last week was a fluke. Austin Davis (160 yards, 1 TD) finally remembered he’s a third-string joke, throwing cold water on the silly hype machine that had been building around him. Jeff Fisher finally gave up on Zac Stacy (5 carries). Evidently he was just too good last season. If the Rams brass had any brains, they’d give up on Fisher by the end of this season.

Patriots 51, Bears 23: I’m starting to think Tom Brady (354 yards, 5 TD’s) took the speculation about his demise personally. Only New England could give some dude named Jonas Gray 17 carries and still hang half-a-hundred on someone. Rob Gronkowski (9-149-3) was a man among boys, knocking over hapless Bear defenders like bowling pins.

Bills 43, Jets 23: Forty-three points for the Buffalo Bills? I guess you can thank Geno Smith for that, who was mercifully benched after throwing 3 picks in the first quarter. Unfortunately for the Jets, Michael Vick wasn’t much better. Kyle Orton managed 238 yards on only 10 completions, which is the plus side to having a speedster like Sammy Watkins take your wobbly 5 yard passes to the house.

Vikings 19, Bucs 13: The Bucs continue to find new and inventive ways to lose, this time with a fumble return for a TD in overtime. There was very little offense in this snoozer. The worthless Doug Martin managed 27 yards before getting hurt, and I keep hearing he’s on the trading block. The real question is, why would anyone want him?

Browns 23, Raiders 13: A hideous mess between two teams with no real offensive identities. Brian Hoyer keeps bumbling along doing just enough to win, while the Browns running game has taken a nosedive with center Alex Mack going down for the season. Cleveland needs to turn to Johnny Manziel before they find a permanent cure for insomnia. Derek Carr managed 328 yards on 54 attempts, as the Raiders are so bad the entire game is considered garbage time.

Cardinals 24, Eagles 20: Well, at least we got a little bit of offense in this one, with Nick Foles (411 yards, 2 TD’s) and Carson Palmer (329 yards, 2 TD’s) lighting things up. Larry Fitzgerald (7-160-1) had his best game in years, and Jeremy Maclin (12-187-2) continued his monster season.

Steelers 51, Colts 34: This is a game you are praying you’re a part of it, not playing against it. Ben Roethlisberger (522 yards, 6 touchdowns), are you serious? For a while there I thought Andrew Luck (400 yards, 3 TD’s) was going to be able to hang with him, but it was not to be. T.Y. Hilton (6-155-1) continued his career year and Antonio Brown (10-133-2) did the same. For you lucky Luck owners, the Colts horrendous defense is a blessing, as every game turns into a shootout.

See you next week.

Aaron Bland is the founder of the Florida Gators Message Board GatorChatter.com. His Deep Drivel appears every Monday on RotoAdvice and you can reach him on Twitter @AaronBlandRoto

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Daily Fantasy Football Picks from RotoAdvice: Week 8


Check out the Daily RotoAdvice Fantasy Football Picks where we’re loving the game in New Orleans.

The Quarterbacks:

High $$$ QB:

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans

A great, great, great looking fantasy matchup featuring two of the best offenses in the league. Rodgers gets to face the second worst pass defense in football. Should be fun.


Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville

Jacksonville has looked better, especially at home, but they are still the fourth worst pass coverage team in the league. Meanwhile, Tannehill has quietly been a quality QB for a league average passing attack. If that doesn’t sound sexy, did I mention Jacksonville is the fourth worst pass coverage in the NFL?


Kyle Orton, Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

The Bills are not awesome, but the Jets are awesomely bad against the pass, being eighth worst in the league in pass coverage. The Bills haven’t been great passing but with Orton, they were not so stinky last week, with both Sammy Watkins and Orton having positive Pro Football Focus pass ratings for the game.


The Running Backs:

High $$$ RB:

Demarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington

Hey, we took a few weeks off of picking Murray in this spot, but we can’t keep him out, even in the name of variety this week against Washington, who is the fifth worst run defense in the league.


Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay

McKinnon will get the ball when the Vikings want to run, which they’ll want to do both against the worst run defense in the league and if the Vikings have the lead, which they should, even in Tampa this week.


Travaris Cadet, New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay

The Packers have struggled against the run this year and the Saints are likely to use more of Cadet with Pierre Thomas out and Khiry Robinson hurting. Mark Ingram is in the mix, but Cadet should well earn his near minimum salary across the industry.

WHO WE’RE STARTING: Murray and Cadet

The Receivers (WR/TE):

High $$$ Receiver:

Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans

We’re going back with Nelson again this week as the Saints are awful against the pass and the Saints should score enough at home against the Packers to keep the points rolling, rolling, rolling.

MID-TIER Receiver:

Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina

Baldwin should be the biggest beneficiary of Russell Wilson’s good game against the Panthers.


Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans

Yes, he’s the WR3 for the Packers. Let’s just say the over/under on the GB/NO game is 55 and we’re going way over.

WHO WE’RE STARTING: Nelson and Baldwin

More in the Rack (All Positions):

Justin Hunter, Tennessee Titans (Yes, it’s a rookie QB throwing to him, but at least it’s someone who can get the ball to him downfield)

Jarius Wright, Minnesota Vikings (Top target gets easy defense.)

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs (Depends on the site, but Kelce is still a bargain on a lot of sites and the Rams are a bottom ten pass defense.) UPDATE: It is looking more likely that he will miss this week’s nice matchup.

Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings (Last chance in the rack for Teddy, who gets a favorable matchup against the Bucs.)

Charles Clay, Miami Dolphins (He scored last week and has the Jaguars this week. Tannehill should be able to find him again.)

Bryce Brown, Buffalo Bills (Not a good matchup on the ground, but possibly a pass catcher from Orton against the pass-leaky Jets)

Weather Watch:

  • NONE! (as of this posting)

Top Teams To Target:

  • Green Bay Packers AND New Orleans Saints (@Saints)

  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington

  • Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta

  • Indianapolis Colts @ Pittsburgh

The Slate:






Baltimore at Cincinnati

1:00 PM


Paul Brown Stadium

Detroit at Atlanta

9:30 AM


Wembley Stadium

St. Louis at Kansas City

1:00 PM


Arrowhead Stadium

Houston at Tennessee

1:00 PM


LP Field

Minnesota at Tampa Bay

1:00 PM


Raymond James Stadium

Seattle at Carolina

1:00 PM


Bank of America Stadium

Miami at Jacksonville

1:00 PM


EverBank Field

Chicago at New England

1:00 PM


Gillette Stadium

Buffalo at NY Jets

1:00 PM


MetLife Stadium

Philadelphia at Arizona

4:05 PM


U of Phoenix Stadium

Oakland at Cleveland

4:25 PM


FirstEnergy Stadium

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

4:25 PM


Heinz Field

Green Bay at New Orleans

8:30 PM


Mercedes-Benz Superdome





Washington at Dallas

8:30 PM

AT&T Stadium

Check sites directly for price accuracy.
Weather and schedules courtesy of RotoGrinders. Dollar values research courtesy of FootballGuys and stats quoted are from Pro Football Focus’ indispensable Premium Stats.

The Daily goes through the top Teams, QBs, RBs and Receivers and gives you a three-tiered look at the best plays. As always, check weather and lineups before games.

Get started on Fantasy Aces today. Or for an excellent DFS experience on mobile, get started on Swoopt.

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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire RotoAdvice: Week 8


Don’t you…..forget about me…..

As always, let’s take a look at who’s below the 50 percent owned in CBS leagues.

The Quarterbacks:

Last Week: Tannehill, Bridgewater, Bortles, Carr

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins (43 percent)

INSTANT REPLAY: In Start 2-QB leagues, Tannehill can be a good #2 play. Tannehill has been a top 15 QB by Pro Football Focus Premium Stats, showing his efficiency. As the bye weeks continue, Tannehill is a really good play. END REPLAY — That’s what we wrote the last two weeks, and it remains true this week. If you need a bye week fill-in or are in a Start 2-QB league, Tannehill is a great option.

Robert Griffin III, Washington (36 percent owned)

Say, did you see Colt McCoy in Week 7? If you can spare the stash for maybe a week, you could have a legit QB2 in Griffin for nothing but a click of the mouse. He’s not the game changer he was as a rookie, but he’s still a top 20 QB.

Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings (28 percent)

He did not excel against the Bills, but has the Buccaneers and Washington the next two weeks and has job security. Still a decent bye week option/Start-2 QB play, though downgrade if significant scoring injury for INT.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars (25 percent)

Jacksonville won their first game but won’t get to play at home against the Browns. Bortles is on a 600 PA/16 games pace and can run a bit, too. Like Bridgewater, drop a bit if INTs take away significant pointage, otherwise, a good pickup in multiple start QB leagues.

The Running Backs:

Last week: Crowell, Mason

Tre Mason, St. Louis Rams (18 percent)

Jeff Fisher says Zac Stacy could get up to 25 carries next week! Or not. Last season Fisher made a mid-season change at RB and rode him the rest of the way. But that’s because nobody was left healthy when Stacy took over. Something happened this summer or Stacy never got the confidence of the coaching staff last season despite the fact he ran so well with virtually nothing else going on for the Rams. Stacy’s metrics are about the same as they were last year, per Pro Football Focus, which is to say they are average, not bad, not great, just average, so who knows what Fisher and the Rams are thinking.

As for Mason, in my best Jon Gruden voice, I like Tre Mason. He runs hard. He gets the ball and he runs, man. That’s what a running back should do. He runs hard, and I like that, man. Worth a pickup in that, with 18 carries, 85 yards rushing and a 12-yard catch, he may have the hot hand needed to pull a Stacy, circa 2014.

But what about…..Denard Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars?

When the head coach is pining for the return of Toby Gerhart, that’s not an endorsement of Robinson as lead running back. It was a very nice week for Denard, but his week was born more from desperation than from long range planning, hence the starting spot waiting once more for Gerhart. Maybe another week will make the Jags rethink their stance, but for now it looks like nothing more than Week 7 fun.

All those Receiver type fellows:

Last week: Shorts, Cook, Adams, Wright

Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks (36 percent)

Just because we don’t think that the Harvin trade means a huge windfall for either Baldwin or teammate Jermaine Kearse, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be owned. Start 3 WR leagues or multiple flex leagues should have Baldwin on their pickup list, especially after a double digit target game.

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers (22 percent)

Not to go all 30 for 30 on you, but what if I told you that Adams had played just about the same amount of snaps the last three weeks as teammates Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson? Close your eyes and imagine either one missing time and you could see Adams, who is scoring even as the WR3 there in Green Bay, as a must start WR. Considering the missed time of Nelson and Cobb the last two seasons and Adams should be owned.

Jarius Wright, Minnesota Vikings (8 percent)

Wright is definitely producing as the WR3 for MIN. Despite playing 30 percent fewer snaps than more heralded teammate Cordarrelle Patterson, Wright has the same amount of targets and is trending stronger than either Patterson or Greg Jennings.

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